Sunshine Blogger Award – Margo from “When Lightning Strikes the Cottonwood”

Sunshine Blogger Award – Margo from “When Lightning Strikes the Cottonwood”

I’ve been nominated by the beautiful and talented author of “Mantic,”- Jocelynn Babcock, for the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award.  I’ve chosen Margo from my upcoming novel ‘When Lightning Strikes the Cottonwood.’


I, in turn, nominate the following authors: Janice Croom, Intisar Khanani, Katherine Blakeney, AD Ellis, and Sue Harmeling.



1.) How would you describe the world you live in three sentences or less?

I’m home again – smack dab in the small town world of Brady, Nebraska. I’m here with my two young children, Matt and Sara, the only good outcome of a disastrous marriage. I’m a lucky gal.  My childhood friends – Kathy, Justin, and Darryl have rallied around me as I reacquaint myself with this way of life.


2.) What is the one thing or person you couldn’t bear to lose?

Matt and Sara, of course. And it’s not just the kicked-in-the-gut pain from the possibility of losing them. It’s the fear of my past tainting their chances of a perfect future.

3.) What is the one thing or person you’d love to lose?

Okay, let’s just get this out on the table. I’m not a good person. Lord knows I was raised to be, even if some lessons needed beaten into my skull. The idea of me living an honorable life feels good when I’m daydreaming and it all works out my way. Yet, the day to day grind has the real me using all tricks necessary to survive and move ahead. Sooooo, my answer is –  if Darryl’s wife was out of the picture – well, maybe we could make things right – the way they were supposed to be from the beginning.

**Groan** Yup, it’s official, I’m going to hell.

4.) What chore or responsibility do you hate most?

I hate to clean the bathrooms. With two children and one being a boy, I’m sure I clean up more piss outside than in the toilet. I also have a shiver-inducing aversion to hair. Especially, when my hands are wet and it clings to my fingers.

5.) What do you do when you’re overwhelmed?

I shut down – especially my wayward mouth. If I allowed myself to verbalize the mounting fears, what would come out? Hiccuping Sobs? Guttural Screams? Brutal accusations which could never be unsaid? Nope. I just need to withdraw and figure this shit out on my own.

6.) If there was one of your traits you wished you could change, what would it be and what would you change it to?

My stubborn insistence of thinking only I know the solution to a problem. I’d like to trust my inner circle’s input and not worry if they really have my best interest at heart.

7.) What do you most want to accomplish?

Independence. From me. From my past, my fears, and my self-destructiveness. If I can re-start my life here, regardless of the outcome, at least I know I made, not just reacted to, the choices which led to my destination.

8.) What aspect of yourself are you most pleased with?

I still make wishes. Deep under the sadness, bitterness, and sometimes vodka – I believe they can come true.


9.) Would you replace your author if you could? Does your author annoy you?

Replace Lisa? Oh hell, don’t get me started. Do you know we met in 2007? She pestered me to death for my story and finally after too much wine, I agreed. Before I knew it, I had regurgitated my life onto her pencil-scribbled notebooks. At first, I held my breath as I waited for my life to be exposed to the world.

(Thank goodness I have the sense not to trust wholly in anyone – or I would have died blue-faced in anticipation.)

I guess though, I’ll keep her, just for the fact she wants the public to like me, even if they don’t understand my decisions.

And yes, her procrastination annoys the shit out of me. But what can you do?

Hey, do you have a cigarette?  I quit again but all this talk makes me crave just a drag or two…

10.) If you could turn into any animal, which would you choose and why?

Oh, I don’t think so. After I burn this life up, I never want to have to survive again. Make me a rock. On a beach. I’ll just soak up the sun and if I’m lucky some drunk tourist will spill a margarita on me.




Now for the authors I have tagged to answer:

1.) Tell me about yourself and your world?
2.) What would you change about yourself if you could? What would you keep?
3.) Describe your favorite activity.
4.) If you could write your own story, how would you change it?
5.) Who is the one person you can always depend on to be there for you?
6.) Who most annoys you?
7.) Who do you have to protect?
8.) What motivates you to get up in the morning?
9.) If you could sit down with coffee with your author, what would you talk about?
10.) What is your favorite color and why?