Money Honey!

Money Honey!

I can’t make a living doing this.

I’ve made a discovery about the above statement. Somewhere between birth and learning to speak, I became a hard-wired good ole American Consumer.

Drowning in editing, it’s easy to be distracted. What I could buy to make my life easier? All I have to do is work more hours. Then dedicate myself to time management. Because I deserve it for all my hard work, buy more stuff.

I could take a higher position which would demand more hours but a promised a raise. This cycle continues until I look in the mirror. I see a fool who discarded her dream to make some CEO’s yearly bonus. But hey, check out the new shoes I bought …

The next three blogs will be on how I made money work for me. Trust me, this is the most liberating thing I’ve ever done. (I go bra-less a lot and I thought THAT was freeing.)

I’m learning to discard those passive sweats and slip on a proactive power suit. Hell, if you the 80’s generation; grab those old shoulder pads.

I had to acknowledge I don’t write mainstream books. Hence, most publishers are going to sniff and keep walking. Short story spoiler: there is no money in these here books.

That’s okay. I know weirdos just like me. And they read! I decided self-publishing wasn’t a dirty word. My publisher, BookLocker, is a reputable publishing company. I have followed the owner, Angela Hoy’s “Writer’s Weekly” for years. I appreciated their policy of having to approve my manuscript. It assured me I wasn’t being seduced by a vanity press.

Decision made, now I needed mula and that’s the topic for next week’s blog. Make sure you pop into Goodreads and enter my giveaway for “Religion of Trees”.